Wyandotte falls festival of the arts!  

It’s coming, opening October 14, and extending through October 28.  I am a always proud to be included. I submitted two paintings and both were accepted.

img_0854.jpg  image

Here is a link to a local news article.  http://www.thenewsherald.com/downriver_life/artists-crafters-exhibit-at-fall-festival-of-the-arts-in/article_80738d4d-82ef-554d-aaa7-43dc96c03e48.html

New Boston Applefest

This weekend was my second art festival. I sent up a tent and put many of my paintings on display. It was a big confidence builder having people compliment the pictures. I sold enough to be above break even. But I really learned that I’m too critical of my work, that many pictures I didn’t like for one mistake or another, other people liked and bought.  While there I sketched in my books.


Walking with Popa

Little Maverick came for a visit.  We walked down to the pond to see the fish.  Wa wa! Said Maverick  as he toddled toward the pond. Maverick held Popa’s hand as they walked.  It was a bright sunny day and the fish came to the surface of the water. Maverick was delighted to see them.