Sunset at Willow Beach

I’ve tried oil paints recently. So is this amateur or artist level. Oil paints seem easier to control than watercolor. But watercolors...

Colorado River

from my sketch book, another watercolor and ink sketch form the Topack Route 66 restaurant.

Oil painting woodland scene

I went all Bob Ross on this picture as I tried Using oil paints. I’ve tried them before but this was a fun experience. there are...

Geronimo portrait

I have been working on a Geronimo portrait. I did a couple of ink sketches then I tried one in watercolor.

Van Gogh movie With 90,000 paintings this is so wonderful.

Watercolor bighorn sheep

These bighorn sheep were seen on the slopes of Zion National Park. Always hard to spot, certainly they blend in. 9x11 on paper....

Ink sketch

I was casually sketching last night and these guys just appeared. I was watching outlander. Follow My blog website is